Why buy Dahmer Construction?

Dahmer Construction is a company with integrity. We strive to provide top quality homes, with high quality products, constructed by skilled craftsmen, at competitive prices. We have been providing superior homes to our customers for nearly 20 years.

Our customers are our priority. We always try to give our customers more than they have paid for and the best service possible before, during, and after construction. Our standards are higher than most throughout the industry.

We guarantee that our homes pass or exceed all local building codes. Our trained project managers check and double check to make sure all our homes are built as specified. Honesty and good values are major ingredients that go into all that we do from custom building projects, model homes, remodeling, and home additions.

entry photo We take pride in the numerous awards we have received from the local home builders association since 1993. each award demonstrates the effort and hard work put into each home. we guarantee each home is built with that very same standard.

We will never guarantee a perfect home because that is impossible, but we do promise a near perfect home that is built to last.